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Taba Sands Hotel is an little oasis of comfort, style and sophistication, situated near some of the greatest historical wonders of the ancient world.

At Taba Sands, we combine style, comfort and convenience. Our four star boutique hotel is small enough to be cozy and intimate, while still managing to provide the quality and service associated with the larger but impersonal hotels in the area. From the in-house casino to our fine restaurants, every indulgence is catered for. Our rooms have views of the South Sinai Mountains and are guaranteed to provide a much-deserved relaxation for those in need of a weekend break. Ideally situated for those of all interests, not only with Egypt’s largest Casino on the property there is easy access to diving and golf – as well as offering easy access to some of most important religious and historic landmarks in the Middle East – your stay at Taba Sands is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

“From the breathtaking views, to the beautiful mountains and deserts, Taba is perfect for summer holidays and not to be missed.”

Our desire is to ensure you feel entirely at home. Our hotel is stylishly furnished, oozes charm and boasts a relaxed and friendly atmosphere sure to appeal to business and pleasure guests. We have sixty rooms available, most of which boast views of the South Sinai Mountains and the pool below. Furthermore, watersports amenities are within close reach. There is also a championship 18 hole golf course located within a short drive of the hotel. All of the facilities are easily arranged by our customer relations.

The Taba Sands Hotel is an excellent base from which to see some of the most epic sights in Egypt and the Levant. The ancient trading post of Petra, the cultural delights of Jerusalem, the magnificence of Mount Sinai, the remote UNESCO protected outpost of St. Catherine’s Monastery and the Dead Sea are all within reaching distance for the curious traveller. Other places of interest include the Roman ruins at Jarash and, of course, the desert itself – home for centuries to the Bedouin people.

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המלון נמצא ממש ליד הגבול. יש קליטה מעולה של רשתות סלולריות ישראליות. מחיר זול – 60 דולר ללילה לזוג.
שירות אדיב, פקיד קבלה דובר עברית וגם יש עוד כמהדוברי עברית בצוות. חדרים ענקיים. ארוחות טעימות.
אם מגיעים עם תינוק – מתחת לגיל שנה אין תוספת תשלום. מקבלים לול לחדר.

Reviewed February 1, 2018


Taba Nuweiba Road km 1
South Sinai
Egypt Egypt
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